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New seven-stage combined compressor provides compact and economical solution for air separation applications at pressures of up to 75 bar.

Atlas Copco is now offering a more compact and cost-effective solution for air separation applications following the introduction of the first seven-stage GT (gear type) compressor.

The new combined unit eliminates the need for a separate main compressor and booster by incorporating both elements on a single frame.

The main compressor operates at flow rates of 40,000 to 90,000 Nm³/h with discharge pressures of 1 to 7 bar, while the booster unit increases gas pressure from 5.6 bar up to 75 bar at rates of 20,000 to 35,000Nm³/h. If process requirements demand, an eighth stage can be added to the main compressor as part of a custom-engineered package.

The main advantage of the new model is that it reduces the initial investment cost, since the compressor/booster requires only one electrical drive motor or steam turbine, one lubrication system and one control system.

Atlas Copco is one of the only manufacturers to offer the inherent simplicity of integral-gear technology in a complete range of packages.

The new model also takes up less space than two separate components, and can be installed on a single base foundation in smaller compressor houses.

Adjustable inlet guide vanes (IGVs) on the main compressor and booster allow for a wide operating range and excellent part-load performance. These are recommended for medium to high-pressure ratio applications and where substantial changes in demand pressure as a function of flow exist.

The compressor housing is in cast iron/modular cast iron or as an option in stainless steel.

As with all other GT Series compressors, the rotor assembly comprises precisely matched and balanced pinion shaft, high-speed gear, thrust collars and impeller.

Radial blade impellers and impellers with backward-leading blades are available in either open or closed configurations, precisely machined to customers’ flow and pressure requirements.

Adjustable discharge diffuser guide vanes (DGVs) complement the impeller aerodynamic characteristics to achieve higher aerodynamic characteristics to achieve higher efficiencies. Diffuser vanes help maintain constant head at reduced flow.

Other features include extensive shaft seal selections, horizontally-split bearings to facilitate inspection and maintenance and tilting pad bearings on the high-speed shaft.