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New Atlas Copco Wagner ST1810 Scooptram Introduced with Production and Performance Enhancement Upgrades



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New Atlas Copco Wagner ST1810 Scooptram Introduced With Production and Performance Enhancement Upgrades

(Portland, Oregon USA) Atlas Copco Wagner???s mighty, massive workhorse, the ST1810 Scooptram LHD, the largest loader in the company???s product line, has now received more than 25 production and performance enhancement upgrades. The vehicle takes its place in the company line-up of the new-look LHDs, like the ST600LP, ST710, ST1010, and ST1500 Scooptrams.

These upgrade improvements have been made to the vehicle???s structural integrity, to the engine, power train, cab, suspension, and hydraulic systems. For example both the boom and bogie have been entirely re-designed; the standard tires have changed from 28-ply rating to 32-ply; paint-on grip-tread has been made standard and is applied to all areas where people step to reduce the likelihood of slips or falls; numerous improvements have also been made to the air-conditioner unit. Since the original introduction of this size model in 1996, the ST1810 has virtually been re-designed and re-engineered.

This huge LHD, which weighs in excess of 69845 kg. (154,000 lbs.), when fully loaded, features a Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC engine, with an MSHA power rating of 317 kW (425 hp). The DDEC engine is water-cooled, has a displacement of 12.7 litres, and has a 6-cylinder in-line configuration. The engine is MSHA-certified and has vent rate of 741 cubic meters per minute (26,000 cfm) and a particulate index of 795 cubic meters per minute (27,900 cfm). The ST1810 exhaust system includes an exhaust conditioner silencer and purifier. The electrical system is 24 volts, both for starting and accessories.

The rest of the vehicle???s powertrain include a Spicer, Series 40,000 transmission with automatic powershift with integral converter and modulated 4-speed shifting in both forward and reverse; Wagner Rock Tough® spiral bevel differential and full-floating planetary wheel end drive, Series 595, axles; and, of course, the ST1810 features Wagner???s patented SAHR® brakes for service operation as well as parking/emergency. These brakes are the Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released type, with fully enclosed, multiple wet discs that are force-cooled at each wheel end. Atlas Copco Wagner developed and patented these brakes in 1988 and with care and proper attention will provide 10,000 hours of brake life.

Atlas Copco Wagner offers a full warranty on these Rock Tough axles of 2-years or 4,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

The 29.5R x 29, L-5S tires are tubeless, nylon and of the smooth tread design used in underground mining operations.

The articulated, hydraulic power steering is pilot-operated with mono-stick control. The vehicle has a turning angle of 85 degrees (42.5 degrees each way). This means the LHD can make a full right-angle turn from a 4.9 m drift into an equal sized drift. The vehicle???s steering system operates on a pressure of 20.7 Mpa (3,000 psi).

The dump and hoist control is a pilot operated joystick that controls not only raising and lowering of the boom, but also the dumping of the bucket. There are two steering and two hoisting cylinders, as well as one stabilizer cylinder for bucket dump action.

The ST1810 carries a full shift load of fuel, 504 litres (133 gallons) and 356 litres of hydraulic oil (94 gallons).

The trunnion mounted rear axle has self-lubricating bushings and oscillates a total of 16 degrees (8 degrees each side).

The operator is side seated for bi-directional operation and maximum visibility is equipped with a MSHA, ROPS/FOPS fully enclosed cabin or canopy with integrated rib-roll protection.

The ST1810 is matched with Atlas Copco Wagner???s MT5010 rear dump truck, and just three passes with the ST1810 will fully load this truck. The Z-bar boom design provides faster dumping and thus, faster cycle times. At a 40-degree dump angle, with the standard bucket, the ST1810 has a reach of 1477 mm as measured from the front of the front tires. In its fully raised lift height, the standard bucket and load measures 6.58 m from the ground. The standard bucket???s overall width is 3250 mm which exceeds the overall width of the vehicle???s tires. From the ground to the top of cabin/canopy, the height is 2869 mm. Ground clearance is 562 mm.

Other improved features of the ST1810 are the two-handed operator controls, which allow the operator to focus on mucking and navigating the drift; the operator controls also include automatic gear selection, and the forward, neutral, and reverse buttons are located on the versatile dump and hoist joystick. The operator???s compartment has more visibility, extra leg and shoulder room, and built-in back protection. Hanging foot pedals, rather than floor mounted, means no build-up of muck under the pedals to restrict operation, and pedal components are not affected by acidic mine water corrosion.
The electronically controlled DDEC engine is self-tuning, consumes a low amount of fuel/hour, has a low rebuild cost, and has electronic protection for over-heating or low oil pressure, and the DDEC engine is known for its low level of exhaust emissions.

There are numerous optional features available for the ST1810 that tailor it specifically to any mine???s requirements.

Complete, detailed new specifications of the ST1810 Scooptram LHD can be obtained from Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. or from the company???s independent dealers and sales companies.

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive diesel and electric-powered articulated underground mining and construction vehicles, including Scooptrams and mine trucks. The company manufactures more than 30 standard LHDs and trucks, as well as specialty loading, clean up and haulage vehicles for coal mines. Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a company within the Atlas Copco Group.

Atlas Copco AB is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the group had revenues of more than US$5 billion, with 98 percent of company revenues received from outside of Sweden, and employing close to 27,000 employees.

Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools; compressed air equipment and generators; construction and mining equipment; assembly systems; and offers related services and equipment rental. More information is available at

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. can be contacted at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97230-4999 USA. For more information, contact Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. at 503-255-2863, fax to 503-251-3014, or contact any of the company's worldwide dealers, the nearest Atlas Copco Sales Company, or visit the company???s Web site at

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.
P.O. Box 20307, Portland, Oregon 97294 (USA)
Telephone: +1 (503) 255-2863 Fax: 1 (503) 251-3014 Web Site:

Photo Captions:

Caption 1
Picture No: P5310401
The massive 17.5-Tonne capacity LHD, the ST1810 has been released with more than 25 new upgrades to enhance productivity and performance.

Caption 2
Picture No: P5310408
The ST1810 standard bucket is 8.0 cubic meters in volume (9.5 cubic yards), but optional buckets are also available, ranging from 9.5 cubic meters (12.0 cubic yards) to 5.8 cubic meters (7.6 cubic yards). The ST1810 can handle muck of 1.8 Tonnes/cubic meter all the way to muck with a density of 3.0 Tonnes/cubic meter.

Caption 3
Picture No: P5310422
The ST1810 has an operating, empty weight of 52345 kg. (115,400 lbs.) and a standard overall bucket with of 3250 mm (128 inches).

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