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XAHS186 Dd portable air compressor sets new standards for power, performance and value.

Atlas Copco has extended its Series 6 range of portable compressors with the launch of the new XAHS 186Dd.

The XAHS186 Dd, replacing the XAHS175 model, is a single-stage, oil-injected compressor that provides a free air delivery of 175 l/s (10.5 m3/min, 371 cfm) at a normal effective working pressure of 12 bar. It incorporates a highly efficient rotary screw element, driven by a turbocharged, intercooled 4-cylinder "1013" Deutz engine.

Designed specifically for heavy-duty applications, such as sandblasting, cable blowing and pipe cleaning, the XAHS186 Dd offers improved performance at a competitive price.

The Series 6 range is a modular design, and the latest addition shares several components with existing XAS186Dd model. This results in higher flexibility in production and thus shorter delivery times.

All Series 6 compressors meet current and proposed European and US legal requirements for the working environment (ISO14001), and comply with international safety, exhaust emission and noise regulations.

Built and tested to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards, the compressors are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions. The XAHS186 Dd, for example, is suitable for high altitude applications and can operate at temperatures of up to 45°C.

The unit is available as more than 10 variants. These range from a basic box type, to a single-axle mounted unit, incorporating an adjustable towing bar with brakes, five different towing eyes, leg or jockey wheel support, wheel chocks, and road signalisation.

The engine and compressor are heavily protected against dust and dirt particles in the intake air by a highly efficient filtration system, comprising two-stage intake filters. Further improvements in air quality can be achieved by fitting optional equipment such as an aftercooler, water separator, fine filter and reheater.

Among the other optional extras are a spark arrestor for refinery use, cold start kits for temperatures down to -20°C, and non-standard colour finish. The standard finish for the sturdy, steel canopy is a yellow cathodic paint, while black powder-coating protects the base frame.

Atlas Copco's well-proven stepless regulating system controls the engine speed to suit air demand, and built-in safety devices automatically shutdown the engine if the oil pressure or temperature are too low or too high, or if the engine coolant level is too low.A service indicator light warns the operator when maintenance is due.

To facilitate servicing, gas spring-activated doors provide easy access to all of the parts that are likely to need removal or replacing.

Atlas Copco supplies one in three of every portable air compressor used in the world. This remarkable sales record is the result of years of technological leadership in compressed air. With advanced research and development, the world's largest dedicated compressor manufacturing plant, and proven applications around the world, Atlas Copco can provide the complete solution for all compressed air requirements.

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