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New Atlas Copco Z compressors push the limits in energy efficiency and reliability


Antwerp, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden - 21 January 2004 -- With these next generation Z110-160 oil free screw compressors in the 300 to 400 l/s range, Atlas Copco sets a new standard for oil-free air compressors. <BR> The modular approach offers the user total freedom in selecting the right features for each application. The proven Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology and the Full Feature concept with integrated IMD dryer raise the energy efficiency to an unprecedented level.

The new ZR/ZT 110-160 is the tangible result of the Atlas Copco Compressor Technique mission to reduce the operational cost for the end user to an absolute minimum. The strategy is to combine the Total Energy Savings concept with the Total Reliability approach; a focus that governs every stage of design, manufacturing and service.

Building the customer’s compressor

Every application has its own characteristics, so achieving the lowest operational cost demands a high degree of flexibility. The new Z is conceived as a set of highly compatible modules that can be combined to perfectly match the customer’s process. Six pressure variants, four capacities, air or water cooled, fixed or variable speed drive, with or without integrated dryer, packaged for indoor or outdoor use, and options to cope with extreme ambient conditions. In short, there is a Z for every need.

Integrated VSD brings direct and indirect savings

By varying the speed of the drive motor, the Z160 VSD compressor output closely matches the air consumption over a wide capacity ratio, reducing unload losses and saving 15 to 35% in energy cost. Over the typical life cycle of a compressor these savings are more significant than the initial investment cost. Indirectly, VSD technology allows for a lower system pressure, which generates additional savings because air net losses and average consumption of other compressors in the installation are reduced.
Because every component in the new Z is designed for variable speed operation, there is a total absence of speed windows, motor cooling is uncompromised and EMC directives are complied with. Traditional benefits of VSD technology remain unchanged: a highly stable air net pressure, low starting currents, a total absence of peaks and a high power factor.

Total reliability concept

From the initial master specification onwards, reliability has been a prime design criterion. Over 45,000 Z compressor installations and millions of operating hours already hint at a reputation of reliability, but the new Z series surpasses previous achievements. Every component – including motor, element, dryer etc – is designed for a consistent performance over an extended lifetime. The new Z series has the longest service intervals in the compressor industry. Its Elektronikon control system monitors both compressor and dryer and allows for pro-active service. In combination with the ES systems, the Z compressor can be monitored 24/7 across the internet.

Quality air out of the box

The new Z compressor is available as a Full Feature variant – integrating the IMD water or air cooled adsorption dryer for top quality dry air. Because moisture is eliminated before it can reach the air net, the IMD ensures a reliable process and quality end products.
As the IMD drying process requires no external energy, large direct savings are obtained when compared to other dryer technologies. Indirectly, the very low pressure drop further reduces the energy cost and improves the overall energy efficiency.

With the new Z 110 -160 VSD(-FF), Atlas Copco has succeeded in building a machine that meets the individual need. The marriage between total reliability and total energy savings culminates in a machine that pays for itself in record time.

Atlas Copco is an international industrial Group with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Atlas Copco Oil-free Air is a division within the business area Compressor Technique of the Atlas Copco Group with the main production centre located in Antwerp, Belgium. The division develops, manufactures and markets worldwide a vast range of oil-free air compressors and air treatment equipment used in all kind of industries where the quality of the air is paramount for the end product and production process. Oil-injected compressors are offered as the alternative when the quality of air is less critical. By nature and innovative design Oil Free Air cares for the environment. Atlas Copco employs approx. 26,000 people worldwide. More information can be found on the web site: