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New generation Atlas Copco ZR/ZT 55-90 and 90 VSD compressors: more air at the lowest cost


Antwerp, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden - 24 May 2002 -- With the introduction of the new generation oil-free screw compressors in the 80 to 260 l/s range, Atlas Copco has succeeded in combining a wider pressure range, a higher flow rate - despite the lower specific energy requirement - and a high level of integration.

The new Z 90 VSD is the first Variable Speed Driven oil-free compressor in this range that comes in both air cooled and water cooled versions.

The new ZR and ZT 55-90 demonstrate the strategy of Atlas Copco Compressor Technique to extend the offering to more customers in a wider spectrum of applications. Because the new Z 55, Z 75 and Z 90 are available in an extended capacity range and in a pressure range of 7,25 to 10,4 bar(e) in 50 and 60 Hz, it’s easier than ever to select the model that best matches the application. Whereas the previous range was typically used in the semiconductor industry, the higher pressure variants open up new fields of applications such as hospitals and food and beverage, industrial gases, spinning and many other applications.

The silent workhorse

Rational design, a high level of integration and superior performance were the key objectives in the development of the new Z 55-90 series. Minimal external piping, a very low vibration level and high mechanical integrity are the results. The noise level was reduced with an impressive 84%, down to 65 dB(A) in water cooled machines, which allows the units to be placed anywhere in the building. The Z 55 saw its tooth rotor replaced by a screw element, boosting the flow rate at even lower Specific Energy Requirements (SER).

Variable speed, no windows

By varying the speed of the drive motor, the Z 90 VSD compressor output closely matches the air consumption over a wide (1 to 3) capacity ratio, from 80 to 260 l/s. In addition to its numerous stand-alone applications, the Z 90 VSD is an ideal top load machine in multi-compressor installations.
Because every component in the machine was designed for variable speed operation, there is a total absence of speed windows and a consistently high level of energy savings of up to 25%. The integrated approach of motor and converter not only reduces floor space, but also ensures that the machine fully complies with EMC directives. The built-in coils, capacitors and filters virtually eliminate harmonic distortions, which excludes adverse effects on the customer electrical installation. Traditional benefits of VSD technology remain unchanged: a highly stable air net pressure, low starting currents, a total absence of peaks and a high power factor. For the first time, all these advantages are no longer limited to water cooled machines; the new air cooled ZT 90 VSD further extends the versatility of the new range.

Atlas Copco is an international industrial Group with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2001, the Group had revenues of SEK 51 billion (EUR 5.4 billion), with 98% of revenues outside Sweden, and close to 26,000 employees. The Group produces and markets compressed air equipment and generators, construction and mining equipment, electric and pneumatic tools, and assembly systems and offers related service and equipment rental. The Atlas Copco Group includes famous brands such as Atlas Copco, RSC, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Chicago Pneumatic, and AEG Power Tools. More information can be found on the web site: