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Analisadores de dados (Garantia da qualidade em sistemas de aperto)

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  • Atlas Copco Torque Analyzer (3)

    The ACTA 4000 complemented with the PC program ToolsTalk QAT or Torque Supervisor provides you with a complete tool database giving you easy access to all the information you need regarding torque measurement and analysis. The system cuts tool administration costs and systematically controls the status of your tools during their entire life-cycle. It keeps track of tightening data, calibration data, service history, application analyses, purchase details, supplier information, etc. It checks and reminds the user when it is time for tool calibration and/or preventive maintenance (PM). All data is stored per tool in one place! ACTA 4000 comes in three different models and can be upgraded depending on your needs: B – Basic Measures torque and angle. You can calibrate your tools and check basic statistics. QC – Quality Control Calculates all advanced statistics, including SPC, and has a database of up to 1,000 tools/joints. This database includes information regarding tool programming, tightening and events. AA – Advanced Analysis This is the complete quality system. It offers all the above and shows an advanced tightening trace for joint analysis.

  • STa 6000

    Atlas Copco data analyzer for Tools and Joints checking

    8059 0956 60

    Peso incluindo bateria (kg, lb):
    0.50 kg
    Dimensões CxLxA:
    Environmental Class:
    IP Grade according to EN IEC 60529:
    Temperatura ambiente:
    5 - 40 ºC
    Atmospheric humidity:
    95%. non-condensing
    Up to 2000m
    Conformidade com as normas:
    2004/108/EC. 2011/65/EC. 1999/05/EC

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