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Transdutores (Garantia de qualidade em sistemas de aperto)

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  • In-line rotary transducer (26)

    IRTT-B is the new generation of Atlas Copco torque and torque/angle in-line rotary transducers incorporating significant improvements in durability and accuracy. They also have the capability to work with pulse tools thanks to their revolutionary and unique solution for the slip ring and brush block. Also new is the angle reading system employing a patented solution which gives higher resolution and longer life. The mechanics have also been completely reviewed to achieve a higher level of durability. IRTT-B is equipped with a memory chip that is read by the Atlas Copco Data Analyzer. In this way the Data Analyzer is automatically calibrated to the transducer sensitivity, avoiding possible set-up errors.

  • Manual wrench torque transducer (3)

    MRTT-B is also available in a screwdriver version for low torque applications from 0.1 to 15 Nm. The 15 Nm model has a precision reversible 1/4" drive ratchet consisting of two needle clutches. The transducer has a sliding bush to enable switching between left and right tightening. The very low friction avoids dragging the screws on the return motion.

  • Manual wrench torque transducer (10)

    Designed for connection to the ACTA 4000 or BLM 5000. Length-independent reading makes it possible to get an accurate torque reading independent of the point of handling. Extended range covering 3 to 2,000 Nm. The MRTT-B uses the same female drive as the STwrench. This makes it possible to use the same head attachment. The head has to be ordered separately.

  • Straight spindle test transducer (5)

    QRTT transducers are used for QST, QMX and ETX nutrunners as well as for fixtured Tensor tool calibration. This type of transducer enables fast, easy set-up with highest system accuracy. Using the QRTT, eliminates the need for a special test adaptation device between the spindle and the product.

  • Stationary reaction torque transducer (10)

    SRTT-B stationary reaction torque transducers are designed for testing wrenches and click wrenches or for tightening tools where rotary action is not desired during measurement. When testing a shut-off tool, a joint simulator is required as an accessory. This new generation of Atlas Copco stationary reaction torque transducers offers improved durability thanks to a new mechanical design. The new patented system of fixing the joint simulator on top avoids any possible errors due to play between the two devices. A complete range of accessories and a mechanical joint simulator enable you to test shut-off tools or wrenches with square drive output.

  • Test joint for SRTT-B (17)

    Mechanical test joint to be fixed on the SRTT-B.

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