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Software (Controladores e Software)

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  • RBU-Bronze

    Rapid Backup Unit (RBU)

    8433 0010 10

  • RBU-DS

    Rapid Backup Unit (RBU)

    8433 0005 10

  • RBU-Gold

    Rapid Backup Unit (RBU)

    8433 0020 20

  • RBU-Silver

    Rapid Backup Unit (RBU)

    8433 0015 20

  • RBU-X

    Rapid Backup Unit (RBU)

    8433 0080 20

  • Programming software for electric assembly tools (6)

    The PC software ToolsTalk DS/DL allows for complete programming of your DS/DL Drive. There are three programming levels: AutoSet (sets target torque), QuickProg (sets target torque and joint hardness) and Full Programming. Connect your PC to the drive via the serial RS232 port, open the ToolsTalk DS/DL software application and you are talking to the drive. As simple as that. Programming structure is intuitive, logical and easy to follow.

  • ToolsTalk MT

    Software MicroTorque

    8432 0830 30

  • ToolsTalk MT Analysis

    Software MicroTorque

    8432 0830 31

  • ToolsTalk MT Analysis/Net

    Software MicroTorque

    8432 0830 45

  • Programming software for electric assembly tools (12)

    With ToolsTalk Power Focus, you have the ultimate tool for communicating with your Power Focus tool controller. This user-friendly PC software makes programming and process analysis of a tightening station very simple. An all-in-one tool, ToolsTalk PF provides not only tightening parameters, but also fieldbus and Logic Configurator set-up, and customized reporting and presentation of statistics. With a simple click, results can be exported into other commercial file formats. ToolsTalk PF communicates with the Power Focus over Ethernet, USB or serial RS232. If you are networking from your office desk, ToolsTalk PF allows for quickest access to the different control units connected

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