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Tensor ETV S42-30-10 : Electric angle nutrunner

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Angelica Coana


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Tensor S, electrical nutrunner, is the well proven range for safety critical applications where traceability and error proofing capability are required.

Características e vantagens

  • Ergonomic motor sleeve improves grip and comfort for the operator
  • Angle tools are ideal for hand-held operations
  • Spiral gears in the angle heads with improved contact ratio for smoother tightening and improved accuracy throughout the service life of the tool

Dados técnicos

Especificações técnicas
Tipo de modeloÂngulo
Gama de binário6 - 35 Nm
Velocidade268 r/min
Peso1.6 kg
Cabeça quadrada9.53 mm
Comprimento384 mm
Distância CS15.5 mm
Norma sobre ruídoISO 15744
Pressão sonora<70 dB(A)
Vibração standardISO 28927-2
Valor de vibração<2.5 m/s²

Produtos adicionais para um sistema de ferramentas completo

Suitable cables - t0009 
Tool cable flat (m)Ordering No.
2 Meter4220360602
3 Meter4220360603
5 Meter4220360605
7 Meter4220360607
10 Meter4220360610
15 Meter4220360615
Cable with 90 deegree connector 
5 Meter4220156005
10 Meter4220156010
15 Meter4220156015
Cable with loop for high flexibility 
5 Meter4220184505
10 Meter4220184510
15 Meter4220184515
Extension cable 
5 Meter4220100705
10 Meter4220100710
15 Meter4220100715
Extension cable for fixture applications 
5 Meter4220156305
10 Meter4220156310
15 Meter4220156315
Suitable controllers and software - t0023 
Controller CompactOrdering No.
PF 4000-C-CC-HW
PF 4000-C-DN-HW
PF 4000-C-EIP-HW
PF 4000-C-FLN-HW
PF 4000-C-HW
PF 4000-C-IB-HW
PF 4000-C-MB-HW
PF 4000-C-PB-HW
PF 4000-C-PN-HW
RBU for all Controller CompactOrdering No.
Controller GraphOrdering No.
PF 4000-G-CC-HW
PF 4000-G-DN- HW
PF 4000-G-EIP-HW
PF 4000-G-FLN-HW
PF 4000-G-HW
PF 4000-G-IB-HW
PF 4000-G-MB-HW
PF 4000-G-PB-HW
PF 4000-G-PN-HW
RBU for all Controller GraphOrdering No.
Suitable software - t0052
ToolsTalk PF W10Ordering No.
1-user license8092 1190 01
5-user license8092 1190 05
10-user license8092 1190 10
Plant license8092 1190 99
ToolsTalk PF W07 upgrade to W10Ordering No.
1-user license8092 1190 31
5-user license8092 1190 35
10-user license8092 1190 40
Plant license8092 1190 49

Spare parts lists, Dimensional drawings, Exploded Views, Service Instructions, etc.

Spare parts, Dimensional Drawings, Service Instructions, Industrial tools.
Below you find links to Atlas Copco ServAid application, where you find spare parts list and product instructions and a link to the Dimensional Drawing archive where you can find 2D and 3D drawings in PDF, DXF and IGS format.

Download your tool test certificate

A test certificate tells you that the tool has been tested and passed our requirements in the factory. This includes functional testing as well as accuracy testing.

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Atlas Copco Service

The Leader in tool maintenance for industry Atlas Copco service is a proven cost-saver in your production. The savings you can expect from running a service program depend on the type of production you have in your plant. Many factors are taken into consideration, including: Line assembly, work at fixed stations, frequency of tool use, tool types, applications, and work environment.

Repair Service

With today’s high demands on minimizing downtime for our customers, we focus on specialized workshops that can handle quick repairs and complete overhauls in the most cost-efficient way. To do that we keep a large inventory of spare parts in stock, and we have upgraded with factory fixtures and test equipment to increase our efficiency. With all this, plus certified mechanics dedicated to specific tool models, we’ve minimized lead times and improved the quality of each repair. After service all tools are rigorously tested to Atlas Copco specifications.
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Calibration Service

Calibration in Service Lab
With our network of calibration laboratories we can offer a complete package of calibration services to help you control quality for all assembly tools and measurement equipment in your production.

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Preventive Maintenance

Like other machines, Atlas Copco industrial power tools need regular maintenance in order to fulfill their full potential in terms of performance and reliability. Different agreements are available, tailored to your needs. We offer maintenance both on-site or off-site, or a combination.

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Full Coverage Service

Our Full Coverage option keeps your power tools in top operating condition and gives you a fixed budget for all tool maintenance. Other services can be added. To develop the optimum service program for your specific manufacturing operation, take advantage of our unique ToolScan RCM process.
Full Coverage includes:
  • Repair, including parts
  • Calibration
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • On-site/off-site options
  • Other services can be added
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Outsourcing solutions

We have extensive experience of outsourcing solutions and currently have more than 75 on-site workshops. These are examples of the areas we cover:
  • Preventive maintenance, repair and calibration of all
    brands and types of tools.
  • Installation and start-up support.
  • Service management system, including developing Key Performance Indicators.
  • Line and process support.
  • Back-up tool/equipment and spare parts management.
  • Other customer requests.
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Service packages for new equipment

Investing in new tools to upgrade an existing production line? Or perhaps you’re designing, installing and commissioning an entirely new line. In either case Atlas Copco’s specialists are there every step of the way to help you focus on quality and efficiency. With your production up and running our service programs will help keep you online with minimum interruptions.


  • Nut - For complete kit order front part + holder


    For complete kit order front part + holder

    4220 0841 01

  • Telescopic front part - Travel 25mm, For complete kit order holder + cap nut

    Telescopic front part

    Travel 25mm, For complete kit order holder + cap nut

    4220 1145 95

  • Holder


    For complete kit order tel. front part + cap nut For telescopic front parts

    4220 1673 98

  • Reaction plate

    Reaction plate

    Incl. reaction bar

    4220 1677 90

  • Covers for socket - M30x0,75Left. L = 36 mm

    Covers for socket

    M30x0,75Left. L = 36 mm. For standard sockets

    4220 3154 04

  • Supported extension - L=142 mm

    Supported extension

    L=142 mm

    4220 3869 90

  • Tool cable - 2 meters

    Tool cable

    2 m

    4220 3606 02

  • Tool cable - 3 meters

    Tool cable

    3 m

    4220 3606 03

  • Tool cable - 5 meters

    Tool cable

    5 m

    4220 3606 05

  • Tool cable - 7 meters

    Tool cable

    7 m

    4220 3606 07

  • Tool cable - 10 meters

    Tool cable

    10 m

    4220 3606 10

  • Tool cable - 15 meters

    Tool cable

    15 m

    4220 3606 15

  • Tool extension - L=100 mm

    Tool extension

    L=100 mm

    4220 1131 86

  • Suspension yoke - Fixed, attached on rear part of handle

    Suspension yoke

    Fixed, attached on rear part of handle. Motor front nut assembly

    4220 1675 86

  • Suspension yoke

    Suspension yoke

    Fixed, attached on rear part of handle Handle assembly

    4220 1417 80

  • Lock-off lever

    Lock-off lever

    4220 2356 80

  • Tool extension - L=150 mm

    Tool extension

    L=150 mm

    4220 1131 80

  • Extension for fixturing

    Extension for fixturing

    L=74 mm

    4220 2579 90

  • Suspension yoke

    Suspension yoke

    Attached on motor

    4220 0987 90

  • Lever


    4220 1642 85

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Angelica Coana


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