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Software for electric fixtured nutrunner - Release 07

ToolsTalk software for Power MACS 4000 has been developed with user friendliness and customer adaptation in mind. This Window-based program can be installed on any PC. ToolsTalk supports off-line programming; to edit or upload programs, simply connect the PC to the Power MACS 4000 controller using an Ethernet cable.

Características e vantagens

  • User-friendly
  • New Windows programming interface with “drag-and-drop” and “copy-paste” functionalities.
  • 10 levels of read and write security.
  • Trace reporting on torque, angle, current, current as torque and time.
  • Improved read-at-a-glance graphics with actual pictures of customer parts.
  • Possible to view up to 20 tightening traces simultaneously.
  • Graphical system map of hardware and software.
  • Configurable cycle data menu for station reporting.
  • Real time SPC and TDA reporting.
  • Event logging of security access, parameter changes, errors, faults, alarms and warnings.
  • Maintenance menus to verify hardware and software changes without machine intervention.
  • Run the program in Basic or Advanced mode depending on needs.
  • New Quick-set functionality for trimming a process in seconds.
  • Optimize each tightening by means of the execution path for each bolt, including start times, stop times, and execution times for the steps.
  • Language supported: English

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