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Application Stories / Application Stories

Application Stories

Learn more about the possible applications of nitrogen and oxygen by reading these customer testimonies.

BMI Fours production Atlas Copco’s nitrogen solutions fire up BMI’s ovens
The story of BMI takes you to Lyon in France, an upbeat city that is renowned for its gastronomy, weaving of silk and its “Festival of Lights”.
 MG 4125 Winemaking at Chablis
The Michel family has been involved in wine for over generations now.  They produce Chablis, from the vine to the bottle.  After growing and harvesting, the wine needs to be bottled.  This process contains several applications, all needing compressed air or nitrogen. 
NG application story Nitrogen in the metal treatment process
Nøsted Kjetting a.s. is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of steel chains. The company recently replaced its old nitrogen system an Atlas Copco NG nitrogen generator.
NG application story Save energy and improve quality with compressed air and nitrogen
New compressed air generation and nitrogen production units from Atlas Copco have been installed at Haith’s bird foods production plant in Grimsby, as the company looks to improve its energy efficiency and increase the shelf life of its packaged products.
Atlas Copco Switzerland Gilliard - Clos du Mont_Bild 1_ 201103 House of Gilliard - Making wine with Atlas Copco's Nitrogen
The tradition of the House of Gilliard in Switzerland goes back to the 19th Century, with the today famous Dôle des Monts wine. The winery handles the whole wine making process in-house, from growing the grapes to bottling. Achieving wine of the highest quality requires a command of the whole production process. Gilliard’s wine masters rely on Atlas Copco to help them with this task.