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Driving Customer Satisfaction

Total customer care is our top goal. Offering professional and timely service, through interaction and involvement we adapt our offer to your specific processes, needs and objectives. 

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We work in close cooperation with you to optimize the efficiency of your processes.  This includes standardized genuine parts and remote monitoring and control, as well as auditing and optimization.  To us, the best way to ensure sustainable productivity in your process is by taking constant care of your equipment.  With a global reach spanning more than 160 markets, we can deliver high-quality service, in your local language, and proactively.  We deliver service ahead of time. 


Genuine Parts
Simply put, genuine parts offer the best value. Our genuine parts are manufactured to the same quality standards as your compressor.  This ensures that your production remains at the same maximum level – even after machine servicing.
Customer Support Plans
Through regular and thorough maintenance you can ensure the reliability of your operation and, ultimately, the quality of your compressed air.  Checks by Atlas Copco expert technicians following fac­tory standards, minimize the risk of breakdowns and pro­duction loss. 
The value of Atlas Copco support plans:

  • Most cost-effective approach
  • Longer life expectancy for your compressor 
  • Global presence, local service, never more than a phone call away 
  • Quality and productivity
Monitoring and Control
Keeping a close eye on your equipment at all times is the best way to prevent production losses. Gaining this inside view through our Monitoring and Control service, we can proactively plan maintenance. 
Auditing and Optimization
Through an audit of your production process, we can optimize the performance of your equipment. We do that with a keen eye on maximum availability at lowest cost.  Our experts can propose strategies for better fuel effi­ciency and other energy optimization.

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