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Products / Oil-free scroll compressors / Oil-free Scroll Compressor 2,2 - 14 kW

Oil-free Scroll Compressor 2,2 - 14 kW

The SFR oil-free scroll compressor has a sturdy design, with a minimum of moving parts. This low maintenance compressor is reliable, rated for a 100% duty cycle and suited for the harshest conditions.

Railway Scroll compressor ATSL_1651E
The SFR is specifically designed for applications requiring low noise as well as constant non-pulsating flow rates, in the harshest environmental conditions. Its quiet operation makes it suitable for integration close to passenger compartments. Available options include a range of filters and dryers for custom package fabrication to any specification.

Railway Scroll compressor ATSL_1651E
  • Single stage, twin and two-stage scroll compressors
  • Sturdy, compact and reliable compressors that can run 24/7
  • Available Free Air Delivery: 192-450 l/min (7.2- 15.9 cfm) (single stage), 660-900 l/min (23.3-31.8 cfm) (twin), 630 -1700 l/min (22.2 -60 cm) (two-stage)
  • Power supply:  AC 50-60 Hz or DC
  • Typical installation: multiple units,  light rail vehicle, metro and high speed
  • Optional with integrated dryer