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Tools for every job

Working tools_shapes
Today’s hydraulic breakers offer a significantly improved ratio of percussive performance to weight, which in turn imposes far greater loads on all breaker components.

The dimensions, material properties and tip geometry of working tools have a major impact on reliability, wear behaviour, performance and productivity.

So don’t take any risks. Only genuine working tools will ensure that your Atlas Copco breaker continues to be the unit that you bought: a reliable and safe production tool good for many millions of impacts.

Open table
ClassicLineSB 52SB 102SB 152SB 202SB 302SB 452SB 552SB 702
Moil point30833409183083340908308331690030833162003083319100308331770030833409053083340951
Moil point (X-Profile)33630982463363098248336309825033630982523363098254336309825633630982583083340955
Chisel (cross)30833409193083340909308331700030833161003083319200308331780030833409063083340956
Chisel (X-Profile)33630982473363098249336309825133630982533363098255336309825733630982593083340957
Blunt tool-3083340935308331820030833411003083319500308331880030833409073083340952
Wide chisel (cross)30833409203083340910308331710030833163003083319300308331790030833409243083340959
Wide chisel (parallel)3083340921308334091130833172003083316700308331940030833409363083340925-
Aspahlt cutter (cross)3083340922308334091230833173003083340946308334094430833198013083340942-
Asphalt cutter (parallel)3083340923308334091330833174003083340947308334094530833198003083340943-