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Applications / Special applications / Special applications

Special applications

SB’s have both a dust suppression connection and an air flushing connection (used when working underwater or in extremely dusty conditions). There is also a built-in lubrication channel and a connection for the central lubrication system.


SB breaker
Any job in which the hammer casing comes into contact with the water surface is deemed an underwater application as, without protective equipment, the piston action of the breaker would pump water into the unit, causing serious damage.

To allow reliable operation in such conditions, an underwater connector kit with protective equipment, is used which feeds compressed air from a compressor to the breakers percussion chamber (the area between the cylinder and lower breaker section) to prevent water ingression and the problems of “water hammer”.

The converter kit developed by Atlas Copco, which can also be retrofitted, has enjoyed great success for many years. An automatic switch prevents the breaker from being started up without ventilation so as to reliably avoid damage.

Underwater jobs are classified as special applications. Please consult your Atlas Copco customer advisor for tips on how to proceed.

Hot applications

To allow the application in hot surroundings, like steel production, special kits are available.