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Features / Power to weight / Power efficiency

Power efficiency

The SB breaker range is unique. The service weight of the smallest breaker is just 55 kg and the largest is 520 kg.

Thanks to the integration of the percussion mechanism and the guide system, the weight is reduced by 20% on the solid body breaker. No matter the size of the breaker, you are getting more impact energy per kilo than with any other breaker. And a heavier conventional breaker would of course require a larger and thirstier carrier.

As an example; with a higher impact rate (+50%) and increased single blow energy (+12%), the SB 452 provides much better power efficiency with a slightly higher (+5%) hydraulic input than its predecessor, the SB 450.

Better utilization of the hydraulic output from the carrier has been achieved through the highest of manufacturing standards and innovative percussive technology, such as EnergyRecovery.