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About Secoroc EDGE

Presenting a new set of eyes for deep-hole drillers

It is a rare and wonderful occasion when a technological innovation causes a complete paradigm shift in an industry. Aviation has had such changes. Once, pilots flew only by the seat of their pants.  Few dared to enter clouds because of the danger inherent at guessing location and direction, never confidently knowing where they were until the trip was completed and they were back safely on familiar ground.
Then technology catapulted human flying competence to a whole new level. Even average pilots could confidently punch holes in the clouds using instruments that simulated their senses so they could see through clouds and darkness. Today when you are instructed to turn off your electronics during takeoff and landing, you are reminded that the pilot has put his electronic eyes on.
Now deephole drillers have such eyes. 

edge_box.gif The story behind Secoroc EDGE
How drillers can really tell what goes on inside the hole
edge_screen.gif Applications
When and how to use Secoroc EDGE
edge_set.gif Using Secoroc EDGE
What does it consist of? How does it work?