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CC Combi cutters

New Teeth in no time

CC 3300 U
Wear parts (crushing teeth, tooth plates, cutting blades) can be replaced simply on site, which reduces downtimes and transport cost to repair shop. 

Technical data CC 250-CC 3300

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CC CombiCuttersCC 250CC 650 CC 950CC 1700 UCC 1700 SCC 2500 UCC 2500 SCC 3300 UCC 3300 SCC 3300 B
Carrier weight class*t2-45-14 9-1615-2515-2522-3522-3530-5030-5038-55
Service weight**kg240630 9201900175028402550348032804400
Jaw opening / max.mm360450 6507403708604001000440570
Jaw depthmm350270 330615430725460765625660
Blade lengthmm120140 140350380350380525525705
Cutting fore - upper bladest66--225225370370510510510
Cutting force - jaw tipt----79-130-141-
Crushing force - jaw tipt1845 5557-90-109-145
Operating pressurebar200350 350350350350350350350350
Oil flowl/min30-5090-180 90-180150-250150-250150-250150-250220-350220-350220-350
Closing cycle***sec.2,93,4 3,81,61,62,92,92,82,82,8
Opening cycle***sec.2,22,6 3,01,71,73,13,13,03,03,0
Max. operating pressure, rotationbar200210 210210210170170170170170
Oil flow, rotationl/minmech.25 2530303030303030

Technical data CC 4700-CC 6000

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CC CombiCutters CC 4700 UCC 4700 SCC 6000 UCC 6000 S
Carrier weight class*t45-6545-6558-8558-85
Service weight**kg4750450065006300
Jaw opening / max.mm13007101400750
Jaw depthmm10808601150900
Blade lengthmm525875525875
Cutting force - upper bladest620620830830
Cutting force - jaw tipt-198-205
Crushing force - jaw tipt155-180-
Operating pressurebar350350350350
Oil flowl/min350-450350-450450-550450-550
Closing cycle***sec.3,23,244
Opening cycle***sec.3,73,744
Max. operating pressure, rotationbar170170170170
Oil flow, rotationl/min50505050
*Weight apply to standard carriers only. Any variations must be agreed with Atlas Copco and/or the carrier manufacturer.
**CombiCutter with medium-sized adapter.
***With maximum oil flow.

Universal jaws

Steel cutting jaws