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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the organization and management of the Group, regularly assessing the Group’s financial situation and financial, legal, social and environmental risks, and ensuring that the organization is designed for satisfactory control. The Board formally approves the Business Code of Practice.

Sune Carlsson
Chair of the Board since 2003

Hans Stråberg
Vice Chairman since 2013

Ronnie Leten
President and CEO

Ulla Litzén
Board member

Anders Ullberg
Board member

Staffan Bohman
Board member

Margareth Øvrum
Board member

Johan Forssell
Board member

Gunilla Nordström
Board member

Peter Wallenberg Jr
Board member

Bengt Lindgren
Board member

Mikael Bergstedt
Board member

Peter Wallenberg
Honorary Chair

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