Johan Forssell

Board member

Born: 1971

Education: M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics.

Nationality / Elected: Swedish / 2008

Board membership: Board member of Saab AB.

Principal work experience and other information: Managing Director, Head of Core Investments and member of the management group of Investor AB (current position).

Total fees 2013, KSEK: 678

Board meeting attendance: 9 of 9

Audit Committee attendance: 6 of 6

Holdings in Atlas Copco AB: 5 000 class B shares, 10 771 synthetic shares

Independence to Atlas Copco and its management: Yes

Independence to major shareholders: No, employed by a company which is a larger owner (Investor AB)

Annual Meeting attendance: Yes

The information above comes from the annual report 2013.

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