Sune Carlsson

Chair of the Board since 2003

Born: 1941

Education: M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Nationality/Elected: Swedish/ 1997

Board membership: Vice Chair of Investor AB and board member of Wärtsilä Oyj, Finland.

Principal work experience and other information: President and CEO of AB SKF, and Executive Vice President of ASEA AB, and ABB Ltd., Switzerland. 

Total fees 2013, KSEK: 1 898

Board meeting attendance: 9 of 9, Chair

Remuneration Committee attendance: 1 of 1, Chair

Audit Committee attendance: 3 of 3 until AGM 2013

Holdings in Atlas Copco AB: 20 000 class A shares, 34 284 class B shares and 24 452 synthetic shares

Independence to Atlas Copco and its management: Yes

Independence to major shareholders: No, board member in a company which is a larger owner (Investor AB)

Annual Meeting attendance: Yes

The information above comes from the annual report 2013.

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