Share data

The Atlas Copco share is listed at the exchange NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Large cap. The shares outstanding are divided into class A and class B shares. The difference is in voting power. An A-share represents one vote at the Annual General meeting, while a B-share represents 1/10 of a vote. A class A and a class B share have exactly the same right to Atlas Copco’s capital, and get the same dividends.

Listing and Trading

The Atlas Copco share was listed in Stockholm on September 3, 1920.

The Atlas Copco shares are listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, which represents 37% of the total trading of the A-share (47% of the B-share). Other markets, so called Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF), e.g. BATS Chi-X,  Turquoise and Burgundy account for some 20% (15), and the remaining 43% (38) are traded outside public markets, for example through over-the-counter trading. 

The market capitalization at year end 2014 was MSEK 261 719 (213 348 in 2013) and the company represented 4.9% (4.4) of the total market value of NASDAQ Stockholm. Atlas Copco was the 5th (2nd) most traded name in 2014 by total turnover.

Symbols and tickers

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ISIN codeSE0000101032SE0000122467

Dividend and mandatory share redemption

The dividends to shareholders shall reflect the company’s profit and cash flow development as well as growth opportunities. The Board of Director’s opinion is that the dividend should correspond to about 50% of earnings per share.

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting that an ordinary dividend of SEK 6.00 per share be paid for the 2014 fiscal year. Excluding shares currently held by the company, this corresponds to a total of MSEK 7 308. The dividend is proposed to be paid in two equal installments. The proposed payment periods will facilitate a more efficient cash management.

Atlas Copco has generated significant operating cash flows in recent years and the Group’s financial position is strong. Without jeopardizing the capacity to finance further growth, the Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting a mandatory share redemption procedure, whereby every share is split into one ordinary share and one redemption share. The redemption share is then automatically redeemed at SEK 6.00 per share. This corresponds to a total of MSEK 7 308. Here you can find more information on the redemption.

Combined with the proposed ordinary dividend, shareholders will receive MSEK 14 616.

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Proposed preliminary dates for dividend and redemption*AmountEx-dividend date Record date Payment Trading of redemption shares
First dividend paymentSEK 3.00April 29, 2015April 30, 2015Around May 5, 2015-
Second dividend paymentSEK 3.00October 29, 2015October 30, 2015Around November 3, 2015-
Share split and mandatory redemptionSEK 6.00May 15, 2015May 18, 2015Around June 15, 2015May 19 – June 9, 2015
*Subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting 2015.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Distribution of shares

Go to the page Share repurchases for the distribution of Atlas Copco shares, including shares held by the company.

Per share data

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Per share data, SEK20092010201120122013
Basic earnings5.148.1610.6811.479.95
Diluted earnings5.138.1510.6211.449.92
- Dividend as % of basic earnings58.4%49.0%46.8%48.0%55.3%
- Dividend yield3.7%3.3%3.4%3.1%3.1%
Redemption of shares- 5.00 -- -
Operating cash flow11.327.985.1810.128.19
Share price, Dec. 31, A share105170148178178
Share price, Dec. 31, B share93152131158163
Highest price quoted, end of day, A share107173177179194
Lowest price quoted, end of day, A share5596116138154
Average share price quoted, A share81123148159179
Basic weighted average number of shares outstanding, millions1215.91215.91214.31213.81212.8
Diluted weighted average number of shares outstanding, millions1216.31217.31217.31215.61214.4

Share issues 1973-2013

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 Increase of share capital,
Amount paid,
1973Bonus issue01:0269.2 
1974New issue1:4 SEK 25 51.751.7
1976New issue1:5 SEK 5051.7103.5
1979Bonus issue01:0651.7 
 New issue1:6 SEK 60 51.7124.1
1982Bonus issue01:04103.5 
 New issue
2 765 000 shares at SEK 13569.1373.3
1989Bonus issue1 B share: 3 A shares195.5 
1990New issue
4 000 000 B shares at SEK 320.13100.01 280.5
 Conversion [1]7 930 shares0.21.2
1991Conversion [1]42 281 shares1.16.3
1992Conversion [1]74 311 shares1.911.1
1993Non-cash issue [2]383 500 shares at SEK 3179.5121.6
 Conversion [1]914 496 shares22.9137.2
1994Split5:1 nominal value SEK 5  
1999New issue1:7 SEK 160130.44 173.80
2005Split4:1 nominal value SEK 1.25  
 Share redemption209 602 184 shares at SEK 20-262-4 192.00
2007Split3:1 quota value SEK 0.4167  
 Share redemption [3]628 806 552 shares at SEK 40-262-24 415.70
 Bonus issueNo new shares issued, quota value SEK 0.625262 
 Redemption of shares held by Atlas Copco28 000 000 shares-17.5 
 Bonus issueNo new shares issued, quota value SEK 0.63917.5 
 2011Split2:1 quota value 0.32  
 Share redemption [4]1 229 613 104 shares at SEK 5- 393- 6 067
 Bonus issueNo new shares issued, quota value SEK 0.639393