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Corporate Governance

Introduction to Corporate Governance
Here you can find corporate governance reports, governance structure and the laws and regulations under which Atlas Copco is governed.
Articles of Association
Here you find the current articles of association.
Find information about Atlas Copco’s largest shareholders and ownership structure.
Business Code of Practice
The Atlas Copco Business Code of Practice is the policy document related to among other things business ethics and social and environmental performance.
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is Atlas Copco’s supreme decision-making body in which all shareholders are entitled to take part. Here you can find documentation from previous meetings.
Nomination Committee
Here you find information about the nomination committee, its work and its members.
Board of Directors
Information about Atlas Copco’s Board and its directors is found here.
Management and remuneration
Read about the Group Management and the principles for remuneration to senior executives.
External auditors, accounting and internal audit
Information about external audit and procedures regarding accounting and internal control.
Insight list
See the people who have insight status in Atlas Copco, and what such status implies.