Atlas Copco Tensor ETT-STR electric nutrunner receives red dot award: product design 2013


Atlas Copco Industrial Technique has received its fourth design award in three years, most recently a red dot product design award for the two-trigger electric nutrunner Tensor ETT-STR. This all-new fastening solution from Atlas Copco takes productivity, ergonomics and quality to an entirely new level.

Statement by the red dot jury: “The Tensor ETT-STR nutrunner is a particularly versatile tool with a design that stands out through functional simplicity and strong ergonomics.”

Two tools in one

"A design that stands out through functional simplicity and strong ergonomics."

The Tensor ETT-STR tool combines a pistol grip and an angle tool into one unit with two triggers offering shorter operating times and maximum flexibility. The pistol grip upper part of the tool has been designed for one-handed operation. After a component has been assembled with this part of the tool, the operator can then regrip the tool and use it as an angle tool to complete the tightening process. Users can first pre-assemble components with the upper pistol grip and then fully mount them with the lower handle. Both handles are ergonomically designed to support different hand positions.

High accuracy

The two-trigger tool offers shorter operating times and maximum flexibility.

The Tensor ETT-STR offers high tightening acuracy. Gyro sensors compensate for operator influence and the torque transducer is located after the angle gear, close to the socket, resulting in an accuracy of about ± 3.5% of 6 sigma.
With its innovative two-trigger concept, ergonomic design, high accuracy, and effective operator feedback, this tool will significantly increase productivity, in some applications by 50% or more!
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