Atlas Copco further extends GA compressor range to 500 kW


Antwerp, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden - August 2004 -- Atlas Copco Compresor Technique introduces the new oil-injected GA 315-500W water cooled screw compressors and the GA 132 VSD variant with Variable Speed Drive technology. These new models complement and extend the existing range of the industry leading compressor series that combine the lowest operating cost with the highest reliability.

Based on close interaction with the customer and the request for higher capacities, Atlas Copco has developed the new GA315-500W range. These twin element screw compressors deliver a larger air flow up to 1500 l/s, using less power than equivalent single element offerings. Lifetime is extended due to the reduced load on bearings, rotors and gears.

The new GA132 VSD compressor complements the highly successful GA180 & 315 VSD-FF range. These variants include the famous integrated VSD variable speed drive system that brings an unprecedented level of energy savings. The FF-Full Feature versions come with an integrated ID refrigerant dryer. The new models extend the range of VSD machines to offer a maximum air delivery from 300 to 850 l/s.

Every new machine is governed by the latest edition of the proven Elektronikon® system, which monitors and controls all parameters in the most cost effective manner. The monitoring system displays a concise overview of the compressor's operation and allows to pre-plan maintenance for minimum downtime. Internet integration and a central control unit for multiple compressor installations are possible with the new Elektronikon®.


Unmatched energy savings

The Variable Speed Drive technology in the GA132/180/315 VSD range continuously adapts the speed of the main drive motor to precisely match the air output to the air demand, without the typical load/unload switching. This results in direct energy savings of up to 35%, which is – over the typical life cycle of a compressor – more significant than the initial investment cost. In addition, the system offers up to 10% of indirect savings because of a more accurate and lower net pressure, resulting in reduced air net losses and optimised consumption patterns.

Integrated and maintenance friendly design

Internal piping, integrated VSD, 100% matched components, consolidated controls… the GA’s integrated approach is the only way to ensure total reliability. The split positioning of components in the cool or warm half of the compressor guarantees an optimal energy balance and dependable operation under all circumstances.
Maintenance is optimised throughout the machine, with hinged fans for practical cooler cleaning, easy filter and separator exchanges and a comprehensive monitoring and pre-warning system.

With the new GA315-500W water cooled twin element models and the new GA132 VSD compressors, Atlas Copco further widens its capacity range of reliable and cost efficient oil-injected screw compressors. The impressive energy savings and unparalleled level of integration make the GA-VSD the best offering in the market place today.


Atlas Copco is an international industrial Group with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2003, the Group had revenues of approximately BSEK 45 (BEUR 4.9), with 98% of revenues outside Sweden, and about 26 000 employees. The Group produces and markets compressed air equipment and generators, construction and mining equipment, electric and pneumatic tools, and assembly systems and offers related service and equipment rental. The Atlas Copco Group includes famous brands such as Atlas Copco, RSC, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Chicago Pneumatic, and AEG Power Tools.
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