Atlas Copco Stationary compressor series GA VSD



The combination of a quality air package, unmatched energy savings, low noise level and full range of optional equipment makes the generation of GA VSD units the compressors for the millennium, giving the customer the flexibility he requires to tailor a compressor to match his exact requirements.

These compact units are capable of tuning the capacity of the compressor to the task in hand, eliminating unnecessary energy losses. Technological breakthroughs in the design of Atlas Copco’s generation of GA VSD compressors, mean that they are not only the most environmentally friendly compressors on the market – achieving energy savings of 35% on average - but also the most user friendly.

Optional integrated ancillary equipment
There is a full range of optional equipment which can be easily integrated under the GA VSD compressor’s canopy, to deliver a host of unrivalled product benefits to meet the customer’s needs. Unlike other GA VSD-type compressors on the market, Atlas Copco offers innovative Full Feature units. These are fitted with an integral refrigerant dryer complete with unique design heat exchangers, fitted downstream from the compressor to give dry, quality air, as well as saving on space, pipework and installation costs. The dryer utilises an environmentally friendly coolant – R404a – with zero ozone depletion potential, ensuring even greater environmental protection.

As a further option, when fitted with the recommended DD air filter, all Full Feature models deliver dry and clean air according to ISO 8573-1 class 2.4.2 classification. To bring condensate from the compressor in line with existing and future legislation for the drainage of condensate into the environment, it can be treated with an integrated Atlas Copco designed oil/water separator (OSD).

Innovative design techniques and low noise levels
The GA VSD compressors with patented variable speed drive has been radically improved in line with the advanced design features of the Atlas Copco ranges of oil-lubricated screw compressors. Amongst these is the screw element with the Standard Atlas Copco rotor Profile (SAP) which gives increased reliability and efficiency. With the SAP rotors revolving on ball and roller bearings, there is no metal to metal contact within the compression element. As a result, wear is minimised, the lifetime of the compressor element extended and the performance increased by as much as 20%, depending on the pressure variant.

All the units are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and also conform to the rigorous ISO 1217, Ed. 3, Annex C-1996 acceptance test code. Substantial silencing at source by the application of modern techniques of vibro-acoustic optimisation, together with methods of tuning the structural dynamics of the major components of the compressor core, have reduced noise levels down to 71 dB(A). Methods such as sound intensity scanning, modal analysis and finite element modelling and optimisation have resulted in increased structural rigidity of the construction, also contributing greatly to noise reduction, as has the incorporation of a low noise ventilation fan.

Unsurpassed energy savings
The new technically advanced drive system relies on an advanced electronic frequency converter, governing a variable voltage and frequency, high efficiency induction motor, which operates - and therefore only consumes energy - at exactly the required compressed air demand. The ultimate result is unsurpassed energy cost savings, particularly when the compressor is running on part load. In independent tests, it has been demonstrated that in typical industrial situations, energy savings of up to 35% can be realised. These savings have a considerable impact on the life cycle cost of a compressor and reduce the payback period substantially to just one or 1½ years.

This drive system technology means that it is possible to determine whatever rotational speed is needed, across a broad range, yielding air capacities between 23-250 l/s (49-529 cfm). GA VSD compressors offer pressure flexibility and stability as they are able to operate at any pressure between 4 and 13 bar within a narrow 0.1 bar pressure band.

The converter in the GA VSD system performs a “soft” start and stop, automatically controlling both acceleration and deceleration levels, eliminating current peaks of traditional star delta or DOL starters. In addition, there is less stress on mechanical and electrical components which conventionally shortens the lifetime of a compressor unit.
The power factor of a GA VSD compressor remains very high throughout the complete speed range, while for standard compressors it falls to typically 0.53 in no load running conditions.

Atlas Copco’s patented Elektronikon system continuously and accurately monitors the status of the compressor and automatically regulates it for economic and efficient operation. In addition, the Elektronikon system will shut the compressor down automatically should it detect a fault in its vital functions.

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