Rocket Boomer L 3 series - Power and Intelligence


The latest in the ‘next generation’ range of tunnelling drill rigs from Atlas Copco, the Rocket Boomer L3 series is the intelligent drill rig of the next millennium.

The Rocket Boomer L 3 series have a new computer based Rig Control System that manages all aspects of the drill rig operations. Modular in design, they offer state-of-the-art operator ergonomics and the powerful COP1838 rock drill.

The range includes the Rocket Boomer L3 C for tunnelling applications up to 108m2. The Rocket Boomer WL 3 for tunnelling applications up to 157m2 with a wide-angle boom console for tunnel widths up to 17.8m. And the Rocket Boomer XL 3 (eagle console) for tunnelling applications up to 171m2 with a reach up to 12.5m.

The Rig Control System - RCS

The Rig Control System is a computer based network control for the entire operations of the drill rig. It consists of hardware and software components that together monitor and control all operations of the drill rig.

The Rig Control System is the platform for all the potential software applications that can be included on the drill rig, such as Tunnel Manager, a planning and evaluation tool that designs drill pans, laser lines and tunnel lines.

RCS has enhanced all the functions of the drill rig including automatic collaring of the hole and two stage anti-jamming protection. And improved regulation of the rock drill has led to even lower drill steel costs and increased penetration rate.

The Ergonomic Cabin

The Rocket Boomer L 3 series cabin is significantly larger than previously with a 1.1m cabin lift ensuring excellent visibility during drilling. The control panel is situated within the armrest of the operator’s chair and the high-resolution colour display can be adjusted to suit the individual operator giving both comfort and control. An optional extra operator control panel can be fitted in the cabin.

Other features include:

Advanced Boom Control (ABC), is a high-speed network application that enables fast and accurate control of the drilling process.

BUT 35 heavy-duty booms for direct and accurate positioning of the drill steel.

BMH 6800 heavy-duty, lightweight aluminium hydraulic feeds with a double layer on the bottom for high torsional resistance.

A new sturdy, rigid carrier with all wheel drive

Powerful turbo-charged water-cooled 6 cylinder low emission diesel engine for fast tramming.

The Next Generation Rocket Boomer L3 series are fitted with the COP 1838 high performance rock drills. Combined with the computer based drilling system they give high penetration rate and increase drill steel economy.

The Rocket Boomer L3 series offer more power with the new Rig Control System combined with a high level of intelligence ensuring that Atlas Copco remains the first choice in tunnelling equipment on a global basis.

Power and Intelligence

Photo Caption nr: 202402
The Rocket Boomer L 3 series for tunnelling and construction applications. Power and intelligence with a new Rig Control System.

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