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Atlas Copco launched the new service concept ROC CARE for surface drillers in 2005. Many customers have benefited from unloading and sharing responsibilities for scheduled service, inspection reports, extended warranty, and ProCom, an Internet-based satellite communication system. 
Now it is time for the next innovative service package from Atlas Copco – COP CARE.

COP CARE – the contract for maximum rock drill availability

ROC CARE Service
Having similarities with the ROC CARE concept, the COP CARE is a new service package designated for the rock drill. 
Both concepts are developed to reduce the risks of unforeseen repairs thereby preventing costly break downs. 
In line with the COP CARE concept, Atlas Copco will offer services on the rock drill according to our recommendations and provide replacement of a rock drill during the service period. This will minimize down time and improve productivity. COP CARE offers three major benefits for the customer: availability, simplicity and productivity. 
With COP CARE, you can expect a rock drill that always works. The security of Atlas Copco’s COP CARE, includes a replacement rock drill during service and an extended warranty. Moreover, the right grease and lubricating oil are always included as well as original spare parts. All this will make it possible for the customer to feel secure, and to be effective in the daily operation. Furthermore, COP CARE offers a fixed cost per percussion hour, which makes it easier to predict operating costs.
With COP CARE, it’s simple. Atlas Copco will manage the service on the rock drill, which means that Atlas Copco takes the responsibility for major service and overhauls and the customer only needs to the concern about daily maintenance. 
With COP CARE, you will get productivity. The scheduled services will keep the rock drill running with a minimum of costly down time. Another advantage is expertise assistance with determining and setting of the optimum drill rig parameters. This will enhance productivity and overall drilling economy.

ROC CARE with focus on the rig

COP 1840
The ROC CARE package is designed for contractors and quarries at their surface drilling operations. The package includes regular inspections and services comprising an extended warranty for all major rig components. This is the base on which the client can secure a trouble-free operation for 5,000 engine hours or 4 years operation.
  • Scheduled service 
    Scheduled inspection and maintenance are the key parts of ROC CARE.
    The scheduled service is conducted in line with a maintenance manual, and alerted by an e-mail to “fleet manager” through ProCom when it’s time to service. 
  • Inspection protocols
    The customer gets a detailed rig inspection protocol high-lighting additional measures that will help prevent the occurrence of potential problems. Measures designed to eliminate breakdowns before they happen are simpler and cheaper than waiting until the equipment fails. This will reduce unplanned and costly interruptions to operations.
  • Extended warranty 
    Atlas Copco’s belief in the reliability of ROC CARE is so strong that generous warranties are included in the package. This helps to lower drilling costs by extending the guarantee on all major rig components to 5000 engine-hours or 4 years of drilling. 
  • ProCom
    ROC CARE includes Internet-access ProCom software. ProCom is a global, satellite-based system that monitors rig status. ProCom will show engine hours, impact hours, drilled meters* and time-to-service. ProCom works world-wide and monitors the rigs wherever they are. By knowing exactly when the rig requires next attention, Atlas Copco can proactively make contact when it’s due for scheduled service for minimum disruption to the drilling.
Customer comment from the field:
Emil Fredriksson, founder of Emils Bergentreprenad AB, Järvsö, Sweden signed the ROC CARE service contract one year ago for his D7C. Emil says: “With the ROC CARE contract I gain continues drilling which is important for the productivity. It is simple and I feel secure”.
ROC CARE and COP CARE mean security and peace-of-mind!

For further information please contact:
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Göran Nilsson, Aftermarket Manager SDE, Surface Drilling Equipment 
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