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Cabletec LC: Cable bolting rig

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Cabletec LC is a fully mechanized rig for long-hole drilling and cable bolting. It has a two-boom system for hydraulic tophammer long-hole drilling in combination with cable bolting. The rig features automatic drilling and cement handling systems that, together with the high capacity steel strand reel, ensures top performance and high quality bolt installations.

Features & benefits

  • Unique two-boom concept gives increased productivity due to concurrent drilling and cable installation—a true single operator solution.
  • Rig Control System (RCS) includes functions such as one-hole automatics for high productivity and fully adjustable drill parameters for optimal drill quality and drill steel economy.
  • On-board automatic cement handling system provides unique grout quality-control.

Technical description

Technical data

Air system
Capacity, max20 l/s at 7 bar
Cement grouting system
Cement mixer, volume30.12 gal
Cement silo, max load dry cement2204.62 lbs
Bolting system
Cable boltStandard 15.2 mm/bulb cable
Grout hose reel, max hole length82.02 ft
Grout hose diameter, outer1.14 inch
Grout hose diameter, inner0.79 inch
Steel strand cable reel load, max3747.85 lbs
Protective roof, FOPS-approvedYes
Power rating120 kW at 2300 rpm
Tires 14.00xR24
Tramming speed on flat ground>15 km/h
Tramming speed on incline 1:8>5 km/h
Control system
Control systemRig Control System, RCS
Dimensions and weight
Height with canopy123.35 inch
Height with cabin121.77 inch
Length564.29 inch
Ground clearance10.43 inch
Turning radius, inner177.16 inch
Turning radius, outer291.34 inch
Width108.27 inch
Electrical system
Total installed power105 kW
Voltage400-1000 V
Frequency50-60 Hz
Main motors1x95 kW
Hydraulic system
System pressure150 - 240 bar
Hydraulic oil tank volume53 - 66 gal
Positioning system
BoomBUT 35BS
Boom extension, max62.99 inch
Boom lift+45°
Feed extension (with 4' drill steel)900 mm
Feed extension (with 5' and 6' drill steel)1200 mm
Water system
Capacity, max250 l/min at 15 bar
Rock drill
Rock drillCOP 1638, COP 1838, COP 1838MUX

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