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PFD1500RA-2360: Pneumatic Positive Feed Drill

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PFD 1500 is a Positive Feed Drill in Right Angle shape which is suitable for drilling critical and close tolerance holes of medium to large diameters. This drill is used all around the aircraft but is particularly useful in stacked materials and in assembly of structural parts such as fuselage, wing box, wing box assembly, pylon, landing gear and rudder. It’s approved for use in all materials typically found in aerospace manufacturing such as titanium, CFRP, aluminum and inconel.

Features & benefits

  • Great power to weight
  • 2.5 kW spindle power
  • Energy efficient turbine motor
  • Speed governor for optimal performance
  • Auto Balancer for reduced vibrations
  • Low noise
  • Overspeed shut-off for increased safety
  • Spindle lock and adjustable wheelguard
  • Modular internal components - Easy to service

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Free speed2360 r/min
Weight11.8 lb
Air consumption at free speed34 cfm
Distance center to side0.7 inch
Max output2 HP
Capacity Titanium5/8 inch
Capacity Carbon1 inch
Sound standardISO15744
Sound pressure83 dB(A)
Sound power96 dB(A)
Sound uncertainty3 dB(A)
Length16.2 inch
Rapid advanceNo
Thrust900 lbf
Air inlet thread1/2 inch
Width2.2 inch
Height5.5 inch
Rec hose size16 inch
Air consumption at max output74 cfm
Capacity aluminium1 mm
Capacity steel15.8 mm

Safety information

To operate tools safely, always read and follow all Safety Information and Product Instructions. All locally legislated safety rules regarding installation, operation and maintenance must be respected at all times.

Safety Information
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Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems LLC

800 859 3746

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