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ضواغط هواء
ضواغط هواء
Process gas and air equipment
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ضواغط الهواء
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Electric Variable Compressors
Large High Pressure Diesel Compressors
Large Low Pressure Diesel Compressors
Small Towable Compressors
Small Vehicle Mounted Compressors
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Highly reliable

Simple, highly reliable compressor package design. Minimum of moving parts, corrosion-resistant materials for reliability in the harshest environments. Our GAR range performs in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C

Minimal downtime

Long service intervals, minimal maintenance, availability of more than 99%. Over 30 years, our GAR compressors only require 2.5 preventive maintenance interventions per year, including overhaul

Low lifecycle costs

High reliability and long service intervals equal low lifecycle costs. Our GAR railway compressor range reduces your operational costs

Compact and low weight

Our GAR compressors are extremely compact due to their integrated fan concept. Minimum installation space required. Aluminum reduces weight as much as possible

At home in railway applications

Decades of experience with railway compressors and railway industry standards. Get the matching source of compressed air from a top quality compressor for your application

A railway compressor for your needs

Our GAR railway compressors are adapted to the needs of railway applications, built in decades of experience in the industry. This includes features like:

  • Corrosion-resistant oil separator to reduce contamination and maintenance requirements
  • Heavy duty air intake filter for efficient operation in dusty environments
  • Integrated cooling fan to optimize airflow, ensuring correct amount of cooling air where needed
  • Aluminum cooler ideal for running temperature under all conditions
  • Condensate treatment to separate and dispose residual oil particles in condensate water before it enters the sewage system

GAR technical specifications

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD) لتر/ثانية

8.5 l/s - 75.5 l/s

سعة توصيل الهواء الحر (FAD)

30.6 m³/h - 271.8 m³/h