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Turbomachinery Operating Data Analysis (ODA)

An annual health check for your rotating equipment and an indispensable tool for early problem recognition: Preventative maintenance checks with detailed Operating Data Analysis (ODA) give you the upper hand in protecting your turbomachinery investment and full oversight through fixed pricing

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Your turbomachinery’s annual health check

Consider Atlas Copco’s ODA as the annual health check for your rotating equipment. By capturing up-to-date performance data, ODA ensures high availability for your machine and production process

Analysis without downtime

ODA allows for in-depth analysis of your equipment conditions without opening or stopping the machine. The analysis will not interfere with your production schedules and productivity goals

Performance monitoring with on-site ODA

As the annual health check for your rotating machinery, Operating Data Analysis (ODA) offers ultimate peace of mind by monitoring on-site performance and detecting possible failures at an early stage. Our specially trained engineers visit your machinery on-site to obtain analysis without disrupting operations. They interpret your data to predict future performance tendencies.

Turbomachinery Operating Data Analysis (ODA)

ODA analysis steps include vibration measurement, parameter verification, capital spares (stock), upgrades potential, performance audit.


Think of Operating Data Analysis as a set of two separate measurements: First of all, with the machine running, we conduct a set of measurements during stationary operation – and do so without interrupting operations. Then our experts collect the second set of measurements during load-changing conditions. A shutdown procedure followed by an immediate restart provides valuable data about resonance frequency stimulation – a strongly recommended test for machinery in the field. Your data is placed in context, drawing from our extensive database, with your current measurement sets being compared to the Zero Measurement during production and earlier ODAs. These findings allow us to detect ● imminent bearing damage ● process-related deposits ● impeller contamination ● changes in gear rolling ● meshing conditions of the gearbox and oil pump

For optimal maintenance results

Also adding to your peace of mind, ODA is offered with a transparent fixed-price structure, allowing for 100% clarity on pricing. In a final report, our experts will point out further steps such as ordering genuine replacement parts or scheduling planned maintenance. It is all part of our ongoing commitment to comprehensive, proactive maintenance, backed by several decades of global experience and ongoing investment in know-how and technology.

For the fastest turbomachinery repair, maintenance, and inspection, we put our global service network with a reach in over 180 countries to work for you. Our dedicated Aftermarket Services experts work with you on-site to maintain your sustainable productivity. Learn more about our other products

Turbomachinery Operating Data Analysis (ODA)

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