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The best cure for corrosion creep? Prevent it from starting!

Atlas Copco compressors are protected from corrosion creep through several features that are extensively tested. You don't have to worry about the elements lowering the value of your equipment; we stop it from even starting, no matter the circumstances.

Don't want to worry about corrosion creep? Contact us still today!

Preventing corrosion creep is all about the design features, materials used and quality of the coatings and testing systems.

Learn more about the features that help avoid corrosion creep and enable us to build air compressors with the highest resale value.

You think a little rust can do no harm?

Over time these small rusts spots will grow into larger, troublesome, corroded areas. Plus, the most important thing – every piece of corrosion on your air compressor is lowering its asset value and ultimately taking money out of your pocket.

Do you know where your equipment is now?

Discover our wide range of mobile air compressors; all made to last.