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Mobile Air Compressors

Easy to maneuver

Compact and light


Our portable air compressors are so easy to use, you might not notice their advanced technology.

Customized to your needs

You want your compressor to meet your specific requirements. That is exactly why we allow you to customize your compressor with the widest range of options and features.

Frequently asked questions

What is a mobile compressor?

Mobile compressors are used to supply compressed air to power all kinds of air applications. Wherever you require compressed air, our mobile compressors are optimized for easy transport and manouverability. Towed and transported by vehicles across the globe, our range of portable air compressors is ready to go, and ready to move – when you are.

What types of mobile compressors exist?

Most portable compressors are driven by traditional energy like diesel engines. There are also towable compressors that are powered by renewable energy like HVO, a carbon-neutral fuel that offers cleaner exhaust and less impact on the environment. And finally there are also electric air compressors with no emissions, low noise, both variable speed driven as fixed speed.

Where are mobile compressors used for?

Mobile compressors are used for all kind applications: Pipeline testing and cleaning, Exploration drilling, Pigging, Road paint spraying, Cable blowing, Road maintenance, Quarrying, Blasthole drilling, Rock excavation, Sandblasting, Geothermal drilling, Renovation and maintenance, Ground engineering drilling, Tunneling, metro and subway construction, Waterwell drilling etc

What do I need to take in mind when choosing a mobile compressor?

Mobile compressors must demonstrate high overall operational flexibility to serve a multitude of applications in different environments based on ambient temperatures, humidity levels, working pressures, altitudes and load cycle profiles. Other requirements relative to mobile compressors include high operating reliability, good service characteristics, small environmental impact resulting from low noise levels and regulated exhaust emission levels, compact dimensions and a low total weight.

Can you pass the vibration challenge?

Take the test! When it comes to mechanical equipment vibration can never be a good thing. From operator discomfort to reducing the lifetime of your equipment. With the 8 Series never worry about excess vibration again. Take the challenge.

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Your portable diesel air compressors goes through a lot. The amazing new 8 Series is trained to just take them in its stride...

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Mobile Air Compressors

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