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Containerized large diesel generators

Maximum Power. Minimum Fuel consumption

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all configurations you need




Noise level at 7m

Maximum Power. Minimum Fuel consumption

No room for compromise!

Granted 100% load step capability

Containerized power, fully loaded

The containerized generators come fully loaded as standard, with all the sophisticated options you could ever need. We coupled 1MVA of predictable power, in standard 20-foot container; with ultra-low noise levels and ultra-high efficiency levels.

Perfect for the most demanding conditions and usage requirements, the QAC and QEC are the generators for those who need something a little out of the ordinary.

Container generators, your choice

The fuel saver – QAC range

The QAC generator is a real fuel saver. The electric VSD (Variable Speed Drive) motor-driven, cooling fan, adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine. It may sound simple, but this engineering sets the QAC generator apart.

The toughest container – QEC range

The QEC generator packs a punch! Up to one megawatt of containerised power that can be easily transported from one worksite to the next. Extremely reliable, it is the flexible solution for your prime and critical standby power needs in rental, mining, and oil and gas applications.

Make the perfect power

When you need power, maybe a single generator is not always the most efficient solution. Does the application load vary? Do you need prime power for long term projects on a remote site? Do you need a semi-permanent installation that can be upgraded or downgraded?

A Modular Power Plant (or paralleling multiple generators) is the efficient solution if you answered yes to any of the above questions. Simply, this is a configuration of generators working together.

We have developed a unique Power Management System (PMS). The PMS system enables the optimisation of fuel consumption and expands the generator’s lifetime. PMS manages the quantity of generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load. In this way, the load on each generator remains at a level which optimises fuel consumption. It also eliminates the need for generators to run with low load levels, which can cause engine damage and shorten the life expectancy of the equipment. All needed come as standard with QAC generators.

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