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A well-packaged solution for Australia’s newest well servicing rig

When Easternwell, a well servicing and drilling company in Australia, had to expand their fleet of workover rigs, Atlas Copco’s compact TwinAir compressors and boosters proved to be unique in the market.

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January 14, 2021

Well servicing

Easternwell oil rig

Easternwell's Advantage Light Rig Extra at work servicing an oil well

Broadspectrum subsidiary, Easternwell knows the drill when it comes to well servicing. With a strong track record of developing innovative solutions that increase safety, efficiency and operational sustainability, Easternwell is a trusted partner of Australia’s largest resource companies. The company delivers a full range of well servicing operations and is currently building Australia’s newest well servicing rig - the Advantage Light Rig Extra or ALRx - to further improve the delivery of essential services. Atlas Copco was the partner of choice for their compressed air supply.

High pressure with the smallest footprint

Atlas Copco's twinair compressor and high pressure booster fit on one trailer, as requested by Easternwell

Atlas Copco's twinair compressor and high pressure booster fit on one trailer, as required by Easternwell

For their well servicing operations, Easternwell needs a lot of compressed air, but needs it to be as compact as possible. They ordered 7 Atlas Copco TwinAir compressors and 7 boosters, a total of 870 m³/min of air, at pressures of up to 69 bar. All that potential is packaged as efficiently as possible to reduce the cost of transport.

Easternwell’s Project Manager Gareth Ross said: “The rig has enhanced hands-free operations and a simplified rig up and rig down process making it safer for our rig crews in the field. Atlas Copco’s compressors supported this design as we were able to fit a TwinAir and Booster on one trailer.” Transportation and flexibility matter to Easternwell as rigs and equipment packages need to be easily rigged up and down at each site.

Easternwell’s rig packages are modular and designed to limit manual handling while maintaining productive time

Easternwell’s rig packages are modular and designed to limit manual handling while maintaining productive time.

Atlas Copco has the same philosophy when it comes to its compressed air packages: compact, easy to move and flexible enough to cater for multiple applications. Atlas Copco’s compressors come with an intuitive controller that allows the operator to select a certain pressure or to set the flow with the touch of a button.

Daniel Zec, Australia’s Business Development Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique
application site easternwell oil rig servicing atlas copco boosters and twinair

The application site

Reliability in the scorching heat

Easternwell delivers high quality operations and the company seeks to work with suppliers that know uptime is key. Even in the hot and harsh Australian outback where temperatures can exceed 45°C, Easternwell’s equipment needs to keep running reliably. Atlas Copco’s compressors are built and tested to perform in Australia’s unique conditions.

“Atlas Copco’s compressors are especially suited to our operations because of their durability and low noise levels. Many of our rig packages have been upgraded to include Atlas Copco compressors to support serviceability across our rig fleet.” And with a widespread network of service points, Easternwell can always rely on a ready-to-drill compressor, wherever their next project takes them.

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