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Product Essential Series: Power Focus 6000 Ecosystem

Tune in as Product Manager Rodney Hill talks about Atlas Copco's Power Focus 6000 EcoSystem and the updates to our 3.0 software.

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Intro to the PF6000 ecosystem

Here, Rodney discusses the wide variety of tools that connect to the PF6000, and the recently added Virtual Station types included in the software update. 

How to license with FMSP

Watch now as Rodney demonstrates how to register and map devices to your FMS Portable (FMSP). Additionally, Rodney walks through the process of distributing the licenses to controllers with the FMSP and, last, shows viewers how to configure a Virtual Station to use licenses.

How to license with ToolsTalk 2

Tune in as Rodney shows how to connect to the Atlas Copco Customer License Portal to ToolsTalk 2. Additionally, Rodney will cover how to register and map devices to a ToolsTalk 2 server and how to distribute the licenses to controllers using ToolsTalk 2.

Upgrading software

Watch now as Rodney shows What’s new in 3.0. Additionally, he covers a pre-requisite checklist for upgrading from 2.x versions to 3.x, as well as a post-upgrade checklist.

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