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Webinar: Air Motors for OEMs: Industrial Solutions

Date: Thursday, November 5th, 2020: 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Welcome to the Air Motors webinar!

Presenting this webinar is Mary Ewen, Product Sales Manager, and Heitor Mattos, OEM Business Development Manager. In this webinar, Mary and Heitor are discussing and exploring how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can integrate air motors into their industrialized solutions. 

To help demonstrate the question mentioned above, Mary gave the example of an Atlas Copco PZB Piston Motor used as a component sold to an OEM in order to make a product that will eventually be used in a larger area. That product in this example ended up being a large mixing tank operation, which was then sold to a brewery, who used the mixer to create their own product sold to their customers. This is a great example in showing the layers and steps involved with OEM air motor sales. To finish off her introduction, Mary then explains the three values for OEM products: speed, torque and integration.

Following this, Mary continues on to discuss the value of marketing to OEMs as a producer of air motors and as a distributor of air motors. She explains how Atlas Copco focuses on our digital presence along with leveraging local competence through distribution and different segments. For everyone involved, there’s a large market within the OEM channel, and Atlas Copco is focusing on three markets in particular: food production, the pharmaceutical segment and chemical segments. 

The webinar is then taken over by Heitor, who introduces the Atlas Copco air motor product portfolio. Atlas Copco air motors are compact, lightweight and very powerful. They’re simple to install and quite ideal in hazardous working environments. There are three motor technologies that cover all air motor applications: vane, turbine and piston. The Atlas Copco LZB Vane Motor is our most comprehensive range and comes in eight models. The LZL Vane Motor is our strongest and most robust. The PZB Piston Motor is energy-efficient and lasts 4x longer compared to the competition, and finally, our TZB Turbine Motor is ideal for high torque applications. 

At the end of the webinar, Mary and Heitor answer a few audience questions and present a video made by the OEM team. 

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