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Expert Live Q&A: EasyStart

Date: Wednesday, October 21st, 2020: 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Welcome to the EasyStart question and answer session. 

Taking viewer questions today is Tim Smallwood, Atlas Copco’s Central Regional Service Team Leader. In this Q&A, we’re exploring EasyStart, our start-up Service solution that gets your production up and running according to your plant’s plan. EasyStart is a standardized process that includes everything from programming, calibration, and operator trainings. You’ll get your operation started right the first time, just how you want it. The first question is about whether EasyStart includes hardware installations. Tim explains that our standard packages don’t include physical installations or tool accessory installations, but these can be added on and quoted separately. 

The next viewer question is about the customer benefits of EasyStart. With EasyStart, Atlas Copco sends out a qualified Field Engineer to get your operations up and running and right the first time. You will receive peace of mind while saving time and resources as our Technician sets up your operation. Your operators will also receive specialized trainings for their stations/systems and will end trainings courses with a certificate of completion. When asked if EasyStart includes the start-up of all Atlas Copco products, Tim explains that it does not. It does, however, support the Power Focus 6000 handheld tool line, such as Tensor tools, Low Reaction Tools, MWR wrenches, and STwrenches. We also have EasyStart SQS, for setting up our SQS error-proofing software. 

Tim then moves into the different EasyStart packages Atlas Copco offers. There are two: EasyStart Basic and EasyStart Advanced. 

EasyStart Basic includes the set-up of one PF6000 or one Virtual Station, and up to four Psets for that station or system. We also will install one QI accessory such as a stacklight, indicator box, etc., and we will establish communication to the plant network. We will configure one Digital I/O. For wireless tools, we will also establish communication through Bluetooth or an ad hoc connection. Finally, we will provide certificates of operator training to those who complete our training courses. For EasyStart Advanced, you will receive everything listed above, plus tool calibrations at each station. We will also perform residual torque checks and provide production run-off support for one hour after production is started. 

We end the Q&A discussing the timeframe for EasyStart. It’s a time-based solution, and it can be difficult to predict the time of completion, as there are many unforeseen events that can occur during installation. In general, Tim says that our technicians can typically complete two station setups per day, or five stations/systems in two days. For EasyStart Advanced, we request an additional two hours per station. We will keep our technician on-site until the scope of the project is completed. A question then comes in about operator trainings provided by the Atlas Copco technician. Tim explains that your operators, following completion of the training, will know how to use the tools, the LED indicator functions, event codes, and other basic functions of the tool or system.  

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