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Final Assembly Car Body with hood

Customized solutions for final assembly

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Many steps in final assembly can differ from OEM to OEM. With our knowledge and our technology, we can help you to find a customized solution.

Examples of areas where we offer customized solutions are:

Mounting of the roof panels

Some car manufacturers mount the roof to the chassis within the final assembly line. This technique is mostly used when working with aluminum and carbon roofs. To achieve a secure joint that can withstand vibrations and prevent against water leakage, regular beads are used to mount the roof panels to the chassis. Because the car body is not going through heat treatment after reaching the final assembly line, 2C adhesive is ideal. With our products and our know-how, we can achieve safe, reliable and repeatable joints adjusted to your requirements in shuttle and curing time.


When installing interior parts in the car, the challenge is to create invisible joints. The thin plastic of the parts is very sensitive to temperature and gets easily misshapened. Atlas Copco’s SCA product line experts have the knowledge to help you with this issue. Our dispensing and mixing systems can provide you the perfect blend of the 2C adhesive. You can reduce your material use and at the same time join more quickly and safely. To ensure a high-quality bead in temperature changing environments we offer water-cooled hoses as well as a hybrid peltier solution. With these solutions we can ensure a consistent material temperature and therefore also the invisible joints that are needed.

If you want to know more about our customized solutions for final assembly, get in touch with our dispensing experts.

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