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Flow drill technology overview

Learn more about flow drill fastening technology and its benefits for car manufacturing

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Multi-material joints approached from one side

Car body designs are getting more and more sophisticated to lower CO2 emissions and increase crash performance. This leads to more complex manufacturing processes. Multiple materials with different strength properties need to be joined, like high-strength steels, aluminum, castings, magnesium, carbon or plastics. At the same time, limited accessibility and short cycle times within the manufacturing process are a challenge.

Flow drill fastening is an answer to these challenges. This technology offers multi-material joining with single-sided access, using a fastener as both drill and joining element. The fastener is rotated at high speed and pressure to warm up the material. This allows the fastener to push through the material stack, forming the thread in the process – an efficient and flexible joining method. The high-quality system solutions of our K-Flow product line are designed for precise operation in tough manufacturing environments.

Multi-material joining

Flow drill fastening can join multiple layers of different materials

Only single-sided accessibility needed

A strong and reliable joint entered from one side

Reliable process

Best alignment of joining technology, fastener and materials lead to a fast and reliable process


Removable joints enable disassembly for maintenance and repair work

Hybrid joining

By combining flow drill fastening with adhesive bonding, the dynamic joint strength and corrosion resistance are increased

Flow drill fastening process

With the extensive know-how of our joint analysts and process experts, we develop the ideal process parameters for your individual requirements and material combinations.

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