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MTF400 & handheld electric screwdriver

User friendly, ergonomic and productivity boosting

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Accuracy and quality with maximum flexibility

With an extremely high accuracy, the Microtorque
Handheld Screwdriver secures torque consistency at
every tightening and at every joint, giving you higher
process and product quality. To gain more control to
the process the angle monitoring detects stripped
joints, incomplete tightening, missing components
and misalignment to name a few. Thanks to multiple
tightening strategies you get maximum flexibility,
allowing the best setup for different tightening needs.
From speed variation up to rotation direction.



Productivity and flexibility

Utilize multiple torque programs to minimize and eliminate set ups. Design a customized multi step tightening to reduce cycle times while keeping high quality. And use one of the several different tightening strategies to optimize the strategy for any type of screwed joint.

Quality and process control

The high torque accuracy assured by all MicroTorque tools secures torque consistency at every tightening in every joint. With angle monitoring & control you automatically detect stripped joints, missing components, misalignments as well as incomplete tightenings and combining with poka yoke systems you will have complete error proofing possibilities.

Continuous improvement

Optimize your production process by keeping the history traceable and accessible by the data reporting function. The graphical data & analysis is a powerful feature for process optimization and the Seating Control Strategy is the smartest tightening method in class.

Operator friendly and ergonomic

MicroTorque is easy to use and simple to set up. The Auto-Set function configures the system with just few clicks and the batch count helps the operator to complete the job. Direct operator feedback provides a clear and instant response with tool LED lights, controller display and buzzer.

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