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Saves time, costs and inconvenience!

What is RapidRepair

Ensure damaged tools are quickly
repaired and back in production with minimal administration, cost and inconvenience

What do you get?

With a predefined, easy and practical process, we take full care of the whole repair cycle – with a leading turnaround time from door to door

What are the benefits?

Minimum repair time with reduced cost

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Is your productivity suffering from expensive and unpredictable tool repair costs, high administration costs and long turnaround times? The solution is RapidRepair!

Let us take care of the entire repair cycle, from your door to our door and back again, with the shortest possible turnaround times. With RapidRepair your damaged electric or pneumatic tools are quickly repaired and back in production with minimum administration, cost and inconvenience. Try it, you’ll be impressed by how easy it is and the savings in time and costs.

RapidRepair is a stand-alone service product. However, we would recommend a ToolCover preventive maintenance program, such as ToolCover Protect, ahead of a repair program, because this will give considerably lower total tool costs.

If you have ToolCover Protect, you have access to RapidRepair. Simply order it as a complementary product.

Like all our Service products, RapidRepair can be tailored to your specific needs.

Want to know more? Contact us today.


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