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Talking 'bout N2 Generation

August 17, 2020

A first-time collaboration can sometimes have its hiccups, but our customer’s team didn’t have to hold their breath long. When a closed system needed purging, we made sure the right Nitrogen Solution was on its way quickly!

Purging systems with Nitrogen

Nitrogen purging is necessary when an unwanted hazard or contamination has entered the closed system. Because Nitrogen is cost-effective, safe, dry and non-combustible, it’s ideal to displace the moisture or oxygen infecting a system. By creating a nitrogen atmosphere, the system can be purged. Two of the most common methods used to purge the closed system are dilution and displacement.

Our client used the NGM 1000 membrane nitrogen generator to displace hydrocarbons on one of the plant’s columns to allow for a valve replacement work scope as they had identified a small weep from the valve. After these actions were completed, the NGM 1000 unit was used for a pressure test.

Working parameters were the following:
  • Flow: 350m³/h flow
  • Purity: 95,0 – 98,0%
  • Nitrogen pressure: 9 bar
  • Air pressure: 10 bar
  • Air factor: 2,9
  • Compressed air temp: 30

After careful analysis, and running the numbers, we were able to supply the right tools for the job. Here is the result of some of our team’s calculations:

Once approved by our client, the equipment and our supporting staff hit the road. Scott Allan, who took care of on-site training and installation, impressed our client as much as our equipment. If not even more!

We found the team at Atlas Copco Rental, Liz, Bart & Scott all very friendly, helpful and willing to work with us to gain a good understanding of what we wanted and which equipment would suit us best. The Nitrogen membrane itself was easy to set-up/use and provided the flow rate & pressure in the timescales quoted during the early discussions.

Kevin Saunders , Operations Technician

More than equipment

The NGM 1000 membrane nitrogen generator allows for on-site nitrogen generation and, despite its size, it is easily adapted to your specific application. It is a pretty sizable unit coming in at a little over seven tons. However, it’s not any less flexible because it comes in a containerized unit. Easy to transport and easy to put in place. Even easier to get up and running because it’s electric driven.

Purity? You can say that again. The NGM 1000 is capable of delivering a 95% to 99,5% nitrogen purity to meet your nitrogen quality needs. Once on site, the NGM 1000 is ready to go in less than 1 hour.

What is membrane technology exactly?

It’s not the membrane Cypress Hill raps about. In our case, it allows oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide to permeate the walls of the hollow fibers, leaving a constant stream of nitrogen. Purity flow, temperature, and pressure is adjustable and allow the membrane to generate nitrogen up to 99,5% purity.

The right tools and people for the job

The combination of Atlas Copco Rental equipment and our people proved to be the right solution again. We were able to not only meet but also exceed our client’s expectations! Nitrogen can be used for a variety of applications. From drying to tank purging, pigging and many more. Do you want to know more about our Onshore and Offshore Nitrogen solutions? Feel free to contact us.

For more information, please contact:

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