ES controller for vacuum pumps

ES Central Controllers

Controlling your GHS VSD⁺ vacuum pumps by using the ES control system ensures optimized maintenance and low energy costs.

Save energy & cut costs

Thanks to smart control, the ES gives you the most suitable product mix at all times. It does this by allowing many pumps – whether fixed or variable speed – to work together.

Reduce maintenance

The task of regulating your multi-pump installation never falls to the same vacuum pump. This spreads the running hours of each unit equally amongst all of them, thereby reducing maintenance time and costs.

Optimize operation

Priority management and sequencing is possible with the ES controller. By pecifying different priority settings of each machine, you can find the most economically efficient way to match demand. For example, you could set two different sequences such as one for daytime operation, and the other for night-time operation.

ES central controllers - Maintenance optimization and energy savings

Atlas Copco’s ES central controllers allow you to monitor and control multiple vacuum pumps simultaneously. Four ES controller models are available; two integrated system and two of which even enable competitive vacuum pump brands to be controlled. The operating principle is simple: one GHS VSD⁺ in your multi-pump installation regulates, while the other units are in base load, running at a certain percentage of the maximum speed.

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