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Automan oil-lubricated piston compressors


Supported by performance service kits

Our Automan range is supported by service kits with genuine parts, ensuring extended compressor service life and reliability

Direct drive electric motor

Our AF series offer direct drive electric motor with built-in overload protection for maintenance-free operation

Versatile solutions

For our AC range we offer a variety of receivers, optimizing for your needs. We can deliver compressors with receivers ranging from 27 to 500 liter for horizontal, and up to 270 liter for vertical. Designed for your needs, optimized for your usage

AF High grade aluminum piston compressors

Our range of AF aluminum piston compressors are all designed for mobility and ease of use. The compressor block is manufactured from high-grade aluminum alloy – the same material used in high-performance car engines. This ensures exceptional heat transfer capabilities and high tensile strength.

AC Belt drive Piston compressors

Designed with a slow-running compressor block for long service life, our AC belt drive cast iron piston compressors provides a solid source of compressed air with a high durability. We also provide aftercoolers and an automotive dry paper type air cleaner on the larger models, providing clean air for your needs.

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Technical specifications oil-lubricated Automan

Capacity FAD l/s

1,7 l/s - 12,9 l/s

Working pressure

2 bar(e) - 14 bar(e)

Installed motor power

1,5 kW - 8,1 kW

Capacity FAD

6,1 m³/h - 46,72 m³/h