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Air compressor Service Kits with spare parts

Never forget to order a part and avoid unplanned downtime. With our Service Kits, we know which replacement parts you need for every maintenance intervention.

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All parts, one package

Always have the needed part for your service intervention at hand

Save money

A Service Kit costs less than the sum of its components if ordered separately

Less administration

Every Service Kit has a single part number, allowing you to create a simple purchase order that is easy to follow up

Service Kits help to avoid unplanned downtime

Forgetting to order a part could leave a service intervention incomplete. The follow-up maintenance this entails will lead to extra downtime and all the associated costs. As your original equipment manufacturer, we know exactly which parts are needed for every intervention. They come as a single air compressor kit with the quality assurance of genuine Atlas Copco parts.

What if I can source cheaper parts?

Generic spare parts are not made specifically for your compressor or vacuum pump, so the integrity of your equipment will be at risk. Non-genuine parts are also likely to have a shorter lifetime and increase the risk of lower compressor performance and higher energy consumption. Genuine parts guarantee optimal air quality and performance.

Can I simplify my parts administration?

Our Service Kits offer multiple administrative shortcuts. First of all, you don’t have to spend time on selecting the right parts for the next service intervention. Ordering your parts is reduced to a single item. Follow-up is just as easy.

Smooth service interventions

Order your Service Kits and get all the ingredients you need in a single package. Contact your Atlas Copco representative today