New Dynapac SD1800 Citypavers

Unmatched operator comfort with full process control

April 22, 2016

The new Atlas Copco Citypaver, Dynapac SD1800, has a laying capacity of 350t/h and covers paving widths from 0.70 m up to 4.70 m. It is ideal for streets and city road construction and also works perfectly for repair jobs. The 2016 generation is marked by the introduction of the SD series into the Citypaver class. Among many other improvements, it means that all the beneficial paving controls introduced with PaveManager 2.0, which are well known from the Large SD Dynapac Pavers and highly valued by customers, are now present in this product range.

Dynapac SD1800 by Atlas Copco

Introducing the Dynapac SD1800 from Atlas Copco.

Superior paving quality

To achieve the best paving quality you need to rely on a high-per- formance screed, smooth material flow and an efficient, powerful drive. All the material flow is now controlled by proportional sen- sors, providing smoothness to both conveyor and auger reactions and avoiding segregation. To shape the mix, the Citypavers now count on the new V3500, featuring easy and precise adjustments. Additionally, every paving operational function can be controlled by Pavemanager 2.0, present in the SD series, monitoring and giving constant feedback of the paving results. With all this in hand, a perfect mat is easily achieved.

Operating comfort

The operator’s comfort is a top priority for us. We focus on providing an ergonomic, high-end work place. The ergonomic seats are pivotable and are placed in a slidable station, providing excellent visibility. The roof is extendable for extra protection. New dashboards and controls take the operating experience to the next level. The innovative TruckAssist system helps trucks to dock correctly and safely with the paver. Present in the SD series, PaveManager 2.0 control system offers an unmatched experience in paving control for all application situations.

Smart mobility

We know that when it comes to city paving, mobility is crucial. The new Citypaver is quick and easy in every aspect. A series of smart system has been introduced to the new generation to make life easier before paving starts. With the new SetAssist, the paver driver now has the possibility to save the position of the auger and screed before moving from one section to the next with one push of a button. Transport is made easy by the convenient dimensions that allows truck transportation even with one set of extensions attached, in a configuration capable of paving up to 4,10 m width. When more width is needed, the new extension’s easy coupling system makes the extensions attachment quick and safe.

Reliable power

The Citypaver has been developed to be the most efficient and modern paver product in the market. This has been achieved by using highly advanced technology in electro-hydraulic con- trols. The 54kW power provided by the Deutz T3/T4 engine is distributed to the paver functions through a smart, highly efficient system that ensures minimum power loss.

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