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Dynapac CA1400D

Single drum vibratory roller

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Introducing the Dynapac CA1400

Introduction video for the Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor by Atlas Copco.


Low emissions

EcoMode as standard keeps rpm, fuel consumption and noise on a very low level. More than 15% fuel consumption reduction. Stage T4 final Kubota engine.


Spacious operator’s platform with ergonomically positioned steps. Slidable/adjustable seat. Vibration damped operator’s platform keeps vibrations away from operator. Battery disconnector is located on operator’s platform. Lockable storage compartment.


Options like pad shell, strike-off blade, bio-degradable hydraulic fluid, fire extinguisher and more are available as option.

Product description

The small Dynapac soil compactors are vibratory rollers designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, compacting roads, streets and parking lots. Due to the small size and exceptional maneuverability, these rollers are also well suited for compaction on large building foundations and industrial construction sites and in cramped spaces in connection with refilling work. The rollers are also suitable for repair work and gives good maneuverability even on very steep slopes. All types of supporting and reinforcement courses can be compacted.

The Dynapac CA1400 is a dual speed machine with two amplitudes. The 75 hp / 155 kW Kubota diesel engine has a torque curve that makes the Dynapac CA1400 perform in all conditions.
The PD version, equipped with pads and drum drive, is especially suitable for the compaction of silt and clay soils.

Technical data


Max. operating mass

7 200 kg

Operating mass (incl. ROPS)

6 500 kg

Module mass, front

3 400 kg

Module mass, rear

3 100 kg
Hydraulic system