Car and chassis X-ray / Blueprint

Handheld Tightening

This all new fastening solution from Atlas Copco

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Designed to deliver

Supporting cable and multiple battery tools, the Power Focus 6000 is designed to make everyday production easier and more efficient

Increase your quality with TrueAngle

Eliminating operator influence, TrueAngle® uses a gyro signal to read operator movement, increasing the accuracy of your angle reading. Enabeling handheld angle controled tight6enings while removing operator influence. This allows you to narrow down your angle window, and detect the most common assembly problems such as wrong or missing components and damaged threads. Avoid premature shut-offs and detect re-hits. All this will increase your quality and lower costs connected to scrapping and rework

Cycle time savings when two become one!

One-hand applications, traditionally tightened with pulse tools, are now possible
thanks to the upper trigger. Tightening with one tool compared to two tools, shortens cycle time and eliminates unnecessary work steps.